All persons owning property within the city limits of Oakwood are subject to pay an Ad Valorem Tax each year. The millage rate is set by the elected officials. The 2022 Property tax bills are available now, the due date is 12/06/22. The current millage rate for 2022 is 4.174 and taxes are based on 40% of the assessed value.

Notice of Property Tax increase

Current Tax Digest and 5 Year History

Property Tax calculation example



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Payments for 2022 property taxes by credit card can now be made via our new online payment portal This is available for property taxes and a processing or convenience fee of 3.53% is also charged. Please have your tax bill and credit card readily available before accessing the portal. You may register an account OR do the "Try QuickPay".  The "Try QuickPay" lets you search by putting in the address of your property OR your map parcel number (ID). The map parcel number MUST have exactly the appropriate number of digits. If you register an account, you will have to create a profile that you can sign in and view your account.

If you are paying with a check, you may look it up online using the "Try QuickPay" and then mail the payment in or drop it off at City Hall. To see the details, click on the line itself and NOT "Pay Now".

Property Tax Payment Portal & Search




All businesses in the city limits of Oakwood are required to have a business license. Businesses that sell and serve beer, wine, distilled spirits and/or alcoholic beverages are required to obtain a City of Oakwood alcohol license. City of Oakwood staff will assist you in making sure that your business complies with all applicable city ordinances.

NEW: You can now renew your business license ONLINE!  You must have your business physical address and account number to renew online. Please call City Hall to get your account # if you don't have it. Follow the "Help" guide to create a account here.  

Click here to renew. Renewals are due by January 1st of every year to avoid penalty.



 Business License Renewal Application                                                                  Hotel Motel Excise Tax Reporting Form                                                                                                                                (Must be submitted by the 20th of the following month)                                                   
 Peddler Application
 Distilled Spirits Application                                                                                                                                                                                                                
 Beer Application
 Wine Application

 Distilled Spirits, Beer & Wine Renewal Application (MUST BE SUBMITTED BY NOVEMBER 15TH TO AVOID LATE FEE)

 Consumption Licensee's Business Volume Report for Malt Beverage, Beer & Wine (Must be submitted to City by the 20th day of the month following the month the report is made)

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING ALCOHOL LICENSE RENEWALS: Please send/bring completed application to City Hall by November 15, 2022 and make sure all fees and City Ad Valorem Taxes are paid at the  time the application is submitted. Not meeting these requirments will result in lapse of your license  and the next possible time for Council renewal consideration will be at the City Council's regularly schedule meeting in January.


Fee Schedule 2023

 Credit Card Authorization Form